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February 28, 2007


Love it! Animals are the best.

So cute! I read the rest of the story - what an adventure you went through with that nest and those eggs! I hope all the robins were okay. Great photo. :)

A great picture and a wonderful story !

So, you are also an unpaid member of the international bird rescue team, are you? ;-)

What a beautiful picture..this is great


That made me smile. "Feed me, feed me!" Happy WW.

Man, just looking at that guy makes me feel cold!

...and hungry.

Hungry naked babies. What a saga! Thanks for sharing. D :)

Precious precious precious!I do hope they are still safe an sound!
Thank you for this image!

I'm back and have read your robin story I think I have found a kindred spirit in you! I have many stories like yours!So nice to meet you keep in touch!I am also listed on Garden Voices :)NG

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